Our Theater Style popcorn is a classic for great evenings! Its mouth-watering, buttery flavour is simply delicious. Indulge freely while enjoying a good old black-and-white film or the latest web series.

It’s a well-known fact that life is better with barbecue! Perfectly seasoned and deliciously crunchy, this beloved classic will delight young and old alike. A taste that warms the heart!

A perfect combination to satisfy your popcorn and pickle cravings anytime, anywhere. Take the plunge and hold on: this flavour will throw you for a loop!

A deliciously tangy taste of sweet tomatoes, seasoned just right, the perfect pick-me-up! Sure to have you licking your fingers! After all, everything goes better with ketchup!

This classic combination of zesty flavour will take your tastebuds on a trip you won’t soon forget! Warning: expect an explosion of flavours and high risk of addiction!

Relive the magical wonders of childhood with every bite. Let this popcorn’s unmatched flavour enliven your imagination and taste buds. Our Pink flavour adds a playful touch that bears magical memories. After all, pleasure knows no age…

Be warned—our Caramelcorn popcorn features to-die-for crunch and heavenly sweetness that will make your taste buds melt. Bet you can’t eat just one . . . Go ahead, indulge!